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Creating Internships and Jobs for UNCW Students and Alumni

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Liz Roesel

President and Co-Founder

I have been working with school nutrition programs for twelve years, and exclusively serving this amazing industry through

social media marketing services is a

dream come true! 

Arianne Branch

VP of Strategy & Content, Co-Founder

I am a marketer who is passionate about creating a community on social media platforms. I believe in connecting with people through eye catching content, engaging captions and creating an online presence you and your district will be proud of.

Maddie Pullen

Director of Operations

I love marketing school nutrition in fun, creative ways to educate parents and attract students. Every time I get the opportunity to visit a school and see all the hard work that goes into making sure all children are fed, I know I am exactly where I want to be.

School Nutrition + Marketing Expertise

Liz Roesel "speaks school nutrition" and Arianne Branch finds the latest marketing trends and tactics for our clients. Together with Maddie Pullen, we lead a team of paid interns that are all students at our alma mater, UNC-Wilmington. Each Marketing Assistant has assigned clients that they prepare and post content for, and we pride ourselves on stellar customer support, responsiveness and accuracy.


Jake Mueller

Onboarding Coordinator

Working with SEA Level Social has granted me the opportunity to learn so much about my career field, while also gaining experience in areas I never would have expected. Helping to grow the child nutrition programs of school district around the country, while also growing with our own internal team has been nothing but a pleasure. I can’t wait to see where we as a company, and a team go next!

Natalie Jones

Creative Coordinator

Working at SEA Level Social has allowed me to use my creativity to help market school nutrition programs in an engaging way for students, parents and teachers. I am beyond thankful for the opportunities I have already been given working here and am excited to be a part of this amazing team!

Allie O'Brien

Senior Account Manager

I'm really lucky to be part of the SEA Level Social team, alongside amazing mentors and friends. I get to combine my passion for digital marketing with the ability to make a positive impact in the school nutrition world. SEA Level Social has continually fueled my personal and professional growth and I can’t wait to see the possibilities that lie ahead!


Mikaela Reibe

Content Specialist K-12

My favorite aspect of marketing school nutrition is being able to develop fun and innovative content that makes an impact. I am so grateful for the endless opportunities SEA Level Social has provided me with and for allowing me to continue to grow both my marketing and creative skills.

Baylee Smeeton

Media Coordinator

By working in social media marketing, I am able to follow my career aspirations while enhancing my communication skills with clients. SEA Level Social has given me an abundance of opportunities for growth. I look forward to seeing what is next for the school nutrition industry!

Kirsten Kolibas

Marketing Assistant

SEA Level Social has allowed me to pursue my passion for graphic design alongside my marketing concentration. They have not only helped me grow my digital design skills but also provided me with opportunities to learn new things. I love working with such a wonderful team and creating content that allows me to make an impact on school nutrition programs. I can't wait to see

what the future holds!

Austin Headshot

Gracie Crocker

Marketing Assistant

I love working at SEA Level Social because it provides me with the opportunity to channel my passion for marketing and make a positive impact on the community. I am so grateful to be a part of such a tightly knit, hardworking, and supportive team. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow alongside my incredible co-workers!

Austin Johnson

Marketing Assistant

I am grateful for the opportunity that the team at SEA Level Social has given me to be one of their Marketing Assistants. The Leadership team and other Marketing Assistants are great and so helpful. With this being my first official internship, I am excited to learn what the world of marketing has to offer outside of the classroom through this opportunity with SEA Level Social.

Mary Abbotts

Marketing Assistant

I am so excited and honored to have this opportunity with SEA Level Social. I am looking forward to putting my creative and professional skills to the test!

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Lizzie Vetsch

Marketing Assistant

I am super excited to be apart of the SEA Level Social Team! I'm looking forward to gaining new skills, learning the benefits of social media, applying marketing skills that I have learned in my classes, and learning more through this experience. However, I am most excited about making a difference in school districts and spreading knowledge about various nutrition plans! I can't wait to see all that SEA Level Social has to offer!

Jenna O'Neal

Marketing Assistant

On top of expanding my professional attributes in the business world, I’m most looking forward to networking and having the opportunity to work with smart and motivated individuals like myself!

Kaylee Arrington

Marketing Assistant

I look forward to growing my experience in Canva and gaining perspective on

client relationships.

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