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A Facebook Ad Case Study, Reaching over 20,000 people for $75

Prior to 2021 Spring Break, Meriden Public Schools Food and Nutrition Services hosted a massive meal distribution day for all children within their community. Each child received meals for nine days.

Their program’s social media presence had only launched a few months prior, so their Facebook presence was small, and their district only has a presence on Twitter. However, their strong community partnerships and active Facebook Groups in their area helped spread the news of this event on Facebook organically (unpaid.)

At Meriden Public Schools, educating the entire community (not just students and parents) is a high priority. They believe all Meriden citizens should be aware of the free meals available for all children as well as how their program benefits the community. With that, we decided to expand on their organic audience and promote the event, we launched a paid Facebook Ad and boosted a Facebook Event.

Contact Liz Roesel today to get started with Facebook Ads to reach more people and serve more children immediately!


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