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Pics of the Week! May 22nd

As the weather gets warmer, things are heating up in the kitchen! School districts across the country are already preparing menus and their students for the next school year. Check out some of our favorite pictures from last week's end-of-year activities.

Don't forget, all these pictures were taken on a smartphone. Yes, it is really that easy!


It's time for a lunch line dry run! At JCPS School Nutrition, rising kindergarteners got to walk through the lunch line as practice for the next school year. From typing in their lunch numbers to building a complete tray, these students are ready to take on school lunch!


These students are ready for middle school! The nutrition team at Bridle Ridge Elementary (Ray-Pec Child Nutrition) let their 5th graders have a taste of the middle school life with some tasty pizza.


Unlimited pictures are one of the many perks we offer our clients! We'd love to share these school nutrition stories on social media for your program, too.

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