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Pics of the Week! April 16th

We know that school nutrition can bring parents, students, teachers, staff and members of the community together. Collaborating with local farmers and vendors, as well as listening to feedback from students is key to an amazing nutrition program! Here are a few of our favorite pictures from last week; check out how these teams are creating a sense of community in the cafeteria!

Don't forget, all these pictures were taken on a smartphone. Yes, it is really that easy!


We are "berry" big fans of local produce! Thanks to Jubal-Lee Farms, a local farm in Alabama, the Dekalb County Schools Nutrition Team was able to serve some fresh farm-to-school strawberries to students. Any opportunity to give local farms and vendors a shout-out is the perfect time for a picture!


This is "nacho" average lunch! Students at Etowah County Schools loved the tasty loaded tater tots, aka tot-chos, served last week. Listening to which meals students enjoy the most is key to ensuring a happy lunchroom!


Keeping it fresh in the cafeteria! Last week, the Nutrition Team at Desoto County Schools let elementary school students taste-test their newest breakfast bagels. When students' food opinions are heard, they are more likely to stop by the cafeteria for breakfast and lunch!


Unlimited pictures are one of the many perks we offer our clients! We'd love to share these school nutrition stories on social media for your program, too.

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