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Pics of the Week! April 3rd

Spring has sprung in the lunch line! Here are some of our favorite pictures from last week.

As spring break began for many school districts, plenty of nutrition teams celebrated with nutritious meals and hoppin' decorations! Holidays and/or the last day before a long break is a great opportunity to snap a picture of all the festivities happening in the cafeteria.

Don't forget, all of these pictures were taken with a smartphone camera. Yes, it's really that easy!


This Nutrition Team had a blast last week, no "yolk"!

The nutrition staff at Crosby ISD participated in an egg hunt to celebrate spring break. This event was an egg-cellent way to build team morale, win prizes and have some fun in the kitchen!


Don't worry, be "hoppy"! Kershaw County School District served up lunch in these adorable bunny bags last week. Although simple, a small effort like this is what makes students look forward to eating school meals!


Unlimited pictures are one of the many perks we offer our clients! We'd love to share these school nutrition stories on social media for your program, too.

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