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Pics of the Week! March 26th

Here are some of our favorite pictures from last week!

Recognizing your nutrition team's achievements is key to creating a positive and productive environment. Whether you are celebrating health inspection scores or special awards, every win is Facebook-worthy! Sharing school nutrition success stories from your team elevates school nutrition as a profession and helps combat the 'lunch lady myth'!

Don't forget, all of these pictures were taken with a smartphone camera. Yes, it's really that easy!


Talk about a perfect score! The Calhoun City Schools Nutrition Team at the Early Learning Academy celebrated a perfect health inspection score last week. These folks work hard to keep the kitchen squeaky clean, so why not celebrate this achievement?


We have a winner! Staff at Ray-Pec Child Nutrition had two nominees for their district's Support Staff Member of the Year award. Out of fifty nominees, nutrition team member, Colleen Warchola took the gold! This was the perfect opportunity to highlight their staff's accomplishments on social media.


Unlimited pictures are one of the many perks we offer our clients! We'd love to share these school nutrition stories on social media for your program, too.

We can show you all that we do for our clients and how easy it is on your end in a 30-minute Zoom call. Contact to schedule a meeting.


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